IGES5x Test Files

These IGES files are being distributed as part of a cooperative effort to improve the quality of IGES translator interoperability.

Legacy directory structure:

   IGSFILES         - the root directory
       +-- CALS     - CALS test files
       +-- ENGDWGAP - Engineering Drawing AP test files
       +-- GEHAEUSE - Autofact-6 test files
       +-- GENNOTE  - General Note (Type 212) test files
       +-- MISC     - Miscellaneous test files
       +-- ONETWO   - MIL-D-28000 Class 1 & 2
       +-- WYSIWYG  - "What You See Is What You Get" test files

CALS test files
(See www.wiz-worx.com/iges5x/cals/ for complete set)

Filename Description
cals1 CALS1.PRT from Cadkey (CALS EXPO 88)
cals2 CALS2.PRT from Cadkey (CALS EXPO 88)
lbrackt Reference drawing LBRACKT
lgtable LGTABLE, REV. C - landing gear tabular illustration
ientity2 corrected IENTITY test part (Class 1)
nentity NENTITY test part (Class 2)
pyramid PYRAMID displayed in 4 Views

EngDwg AP files

Filename Description
ap404 Engineering Drawing AP "stencil" drawing sheet
ap410 Drawing sheet with isometric view of XYZ axis figure
apdwg1 Dimensions in DRAW space
(companion to APFIGA3.IGS)
apfiga2 Modified version of FIGA2.IGS
apfiga3 Modified version of FIGA3.IGS
(companion to APDWG1.IGS)



Filename Description
font0001 FC 1
font0017 FC 17
font1001 FC 1001
font1002 FC 1002
font1003 FC 1003
font3001 FC 3001
fc2001x Tests the new KANJI FC 2001 of the Type 212
fc3001x European text
a2001 AutoCAD test file for text FC 2001 (Kanji)

MISCellaneous IGES Files

Filename Description
axis 3D Axis and text
colsher1 Colsher-1 test file
(no DE or PD Sections - empty file)
colsher2 Colsher-2 test file
(test of default parameters in PD Section)
colsher3 Colsher-3 test file
(test of default parameters in GLOBAL Section)
de04 Tests Directory Entry 4 (Line Font)
de13 Tests Directory Entry 13 (Color)
fc6fonts IGES text FCs 1, 17, 1001, 1002, 1003, and 3001 (Latin-1)
figa1 Appendix A, Figure 1
figa2 Appendix A, Figure 2
figa3 Appendix A, Figure 3
slot SLOT ... 2 points, 2 lines, 2 arcs
splines Examples of Type 112 and Type 126 splines
surf114 Examples of Type 114 Parametric Surface
surf128 Examples of Type 128 Rational B-Spline Surface
surf2d 2D projection of SURF114
startrek STARTREK ... only LINE and ARC entities

ONETWO - MIL-D-28000 Class 1 & Class 2 files
(See www.wiz-worx.com/iges5x/onetwo/ for complete set)

(See www.wiz-worx.com/iges5x/wysiwyg/ for complete set)

Filename Description
f100x Circular Arc Entity
f104x Conic Arc Entity - tests parabola, hyperbola, and ellipse
f110x Line Entity - tests IGES fonts and colors
f112x Parametric Spline Curve Entity
f126x Rational Spline Curve Entity
f206x Diameter Dimension Entity - circle (100) and dim (206)
f212x.igs General Note Entity - text attributes
f214x Leader (Arrow) Entity - all 12 form numbers
f230x Sectioned Area Entity - all 20 predefined patterns
f230_4x Sectioned Area Entity - crosshatch with nested islands
f40631x Basic Dimension Property
f40635x Underscore & Overscore Properties
f408x Subfigure Instance (rotation & scaling)

IGES5x Test Files