Victor P.W Shim

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore
9 Engineering Drive 1
Singapore 117576
Tel: (+65) 6516-2228
Fax: (+65) 6779-1459

Academic/Professional Information:

  • B.E. (First-Class Honours), University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • M.Eng., National University of Singapore
  • Ph.D., University of Cambridge
  • P.Eng., Singapore Professional Engineers Board
  • Senior Member, IES (Institution of Engineers, Singapore)
  • Member, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)


  • Commonwealth Colombo Plan Scholar, Auckland University (1973-76)
  • Mechanical Engineer, Auckland, New Zealand (1976-77)
  • Military Service, Singapore Armed Forces (Officer Training; Artillery Officer, 1977-80)
  • Tutor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS (1980-82)
  • Overseas Research Scholar, University of Cambridge, (1982-86)
  • Academic Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS (1986-present)
  • Visiting Scientist (JSPS-sponsored), Tokyo Institute of Technology (Oct 1989)
  • Visiting Scholar, University of California, San Diego (1996-97)

Research Interests/Activities:

  • Impact Mechanics / Dynamic Stress Analysis
  • Dynamic Material Behaviour (metallic, polymeric, composite, biological)
  • Mechanics of Cellular Materials/Structures
  • Ballistic Penetration of High-strength Fabric
  • Response of Electronic Products and Components to Impact
  • sStress Wave Propagation

Established the Impact Mechanics Laboratory at NUS in 1991. The Lab has facilities for high speed mechanical/materials testing, such as drop testers, gas guns, Hopkinson/Kolsky bars, temperature chambers, high-speed cameras, microscopes, dynamic force, acceleration and velocity sensors with accompanying signal conditioning and high-speed digital data storage equipment. Computer workstations with finite-element software enable numerical and simulation work. The laboratory facilitates fundamental and applied research, as well as collaboration with and services to industry.


Undergraduate and graduate courses, primarily in the area of stress analysis.

Teaching Awards

  • Teaching Excellence Award, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (1992, 1993, 1994; maximum eligibility of three awards.)
  • Teaching Honours List, Faculty of Engineering (1995/96)
  • Innovative Teaching Award, Faculty of Engineering (1998/99)
  • Teaching Commendation List, Faculty of Engineering (2005/06)
  • Teaching Honours List, Faculty of Engineering (2006/07)


  • Associate Editor (2008-present) – International Journal of Impact Engineering
  • Editorial Board Member (1999-2007) – International Journal of Impact Engineering
  • Guest Editor – Special Issue, International Journal of Impact Engineering, (24) 6-7, June/July 2000
  • Shim, V P W, S Tanimura and C T Lim, Eds. Impact Response of Materials and Structures, Oxford University Press (Singapore), 1999
  • Editor – Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (Defence Engineering Issues, 1993-94)
  • Reviewer –Applied Mechanics Reviews; ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology; Experimental Mechanics; International Journal of Impact Engineering; International Journal of Solids and Structures; Mechanics of Materials; Optics and Lasers in Engineering, etc.

Major Management/ Administrative Responsibilities

  • Vice-Dean (External Relations), Faculty of Engineering (2008-present)
  • Department Deputy Chair (Outreach), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (2005-08)
  • Member, Faculty Promotion and Tenure Committee (2006-08)
  • Director, NUS Office of Corporate Relations (2003-05)
  • Head of External Relations, NUS Office of University Relations (1999-2000)
  • Assistant Dean, Faculty of Engineering (1995-96)
  • Department Deputy Chair (Administration), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (1996, 97-99)

Conference Organization/Committees

  • Chairman – 3rd International Symposium on Impact Engineering, 7-9 Dec 1998, Singapore.
  • International Organizing Committee member – ACMFMS 2008, Asian Conference on Mechanics of Functional Materials and Structures, Oct 31 – Nov 3 2008, Matsue, Japan.
  • International Scientific Advisory Committee member – Impact Loading of Lightweight Structures, 17-19 June 2008, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.
  • International Advisory Board member – ISIE 2007, 6th International Symposium on Impact Engineering, 16-19 Sep 2007, Daejeon, Korea.
  • Scientific Committee member – IMPLAST 2007, 9th International Symposium on Plasticity and Impact Mechanics, 21 - 24 August 2007, Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany).
  • International Organizing Committee member – M&P 2005 - 2nd JSME/ASME International Conferenceon Materials and Processing 2005, 19-22 June 2005, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • International Advisory Board member – NAE2005, 4th International Conference on Numerical Analysis in Engineering, 27-28 May 2005, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  • International Advisory Committee member – ISIE/5, 5th International Symposium on Impact Engineering 2004, 11–15 July 2004, Churchill College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.
  • International Advisory Committee member – IMPLAST’03, 8th International Symposium on Plasticity and Impact Mechanics, 16–19 March 2003, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.
  • International Advisory Board member – NAE2003, 3rd International Conference on Numerical Analysis in Engineering, 13-15 March 2003, Batam, Indonesia.
  • International Executive Committee member – M&P 2002 - JSME/ASME International Conference on Materials and Processing 2002, Oct 15-18 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
  • International Program Committee member – ETM 2002 (Experimental and Theoretical Mechanics 2002), 18-19 March 2002, Bali, Indonesia.
  • International Advisory Panel member – 4th International Symposium on Impact Engineering, July 16-18 2001, Kumamoto, Japan.
  • International Steering Committee member – NAE2001, 2nd International Seminar on Numerical Analysis in Engineering, 14-15 March 2001, Batam, Indonesia.
  • Organizing Committee member – 2nd International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, 29 Nov – 1Dec 2000, Singapore.
  • Co-Chair, Nominated session on Dynamic Plasticity of Structures, ICTAM2000, 20th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Aug 27 – Sep 2, 2000, Chicago, USA.
  • Organizing Committee member – Experimental Mechanics: Advances and Applications, 4-6 Dec 1996, Singapore.

姓名:Victor P.W Shim


电话: (+65) 6516-2228